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Information on the facilities of the Kobe Seishin Oriental Hotel.
Our facilities allow you to enjoy a comfortable and rich hotel experience, including large and small banquet halls,
a restaurant floor on top of the building overlooking the Akashi Channel, a cafe, and a swimming pool.

floor map

Banquet hall

We aim to make the time spent with loved ones more meaningful.
Kobe Seishin Oriental Hotel offers "theme parties," which we create with our guests, rather than you selecting one from a menu.
We offer a variety of sites to host "theme parties."

4th floor

Large banquet hall


"Shoun" is a large banquet hall with raised ceilings that connect the 4th and 5th floors.
It can be used flexibly to suit the purpose and scale of the banquet, including division into three rooms.

Small banquet hall

-Cosmos- -Freesia- -Statice-

Small banquet hall that can be used as a place of important meetings and business talk " Cosmos " . Can be divided into two rooms , we will meet a variety of needs .

" Freesia " of simple lighting and calm atmosphere . Exhibitions and is also ideal as a seminar venue .

" Statice " of muted colors . It can also correspond to the meeting of a variety of hobbies , such as culture school .


Those who stay , is available a pool in the 6F sports club in your stay 's special price.


Kobe Seishin Oriental Hotel has set up wireless LAN access points in the lobby and on guest room floors
to enable the use of the Internet via Wi-Fi connection in each guest room.
Free Internet connection can be used with more comfortable Wi-Fi connection service.

Devices that can be used with Wi-Fi connection

  • PCs with built-in LAN/wireless LAN (Wi-Fi standard) adapters and OS Windows XP or higher or Mac OSX or higher
  • iOS devices supporting wireless LAN (Wi-Fi standard) (iPhone, iPad, etc.)
  • Android devices supporting wireless LAN (Wi-Fi standard) (smart phones, tablet PCs, etc.)

Standards and connections for Wi-Fi connection service

  • Our service conforms to the IEEE802.11 n/b/g standards, and simultaneous use is possible.
  • The front desk will provide you with an SSID for the hotel internet access points.

Areas where internet connection service is available in each hotel

  • All guest rooms (wired LAN/Wi-Fi connection)
  • Lobby in front of the front desk (Wi-Fi connection)
  • Banquet halls (wired LAN connection)

Credit cards

The right of the card are available .
(VISA · JCB· UC · DC · MC · DINERS · AMEX・銀聯 )

Foreign currency exchange

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of this hotel.
There is a smoking area on the right, just outside the front entrance.